30 September 2009

The Real Thing

Hey everybody! Bloggin' Shelby here. So my cute husband and I have been married for 2 months! (and it's taken us this long to get a blog.. my apologies!) So FYI, I don't want this blog to be one of those that just brags about how amazing life is and how nothing ever goes wrong.. EVER. Did I mention my husband/life/body is perfect?!?!?!?

We named the blog after our song (by the one and only Gwen Stefani of course). Me&Ry have realized that the best way to live life is by "keepin' it real." So.. on our future blog posts, we'll have a little bit of everything. The good (of course) but the bad, sad, embarrassing and hopefully hilarious will come along with it! Just our REAL life. enjoy!

That being said.. here's the update! These last two months have been some of the craziest of our lives, but some of the best times we've ever had. Right now we are SO incredibly happy. We are staying very busy with school, getting settled into our cute new apartment, and constantly on the job hunt. Our favorite activities of married life include:

1. Cooking! Who knew the eating-out queen would love to cook so much. I must have my mama's genes in me because I have been one little cookin' girl. It is also really fun/easy to cook for Ryan because he has loved almost everything I've ever made.. (and he's not afraid to tell me when dinner was a little "questionable").

2. Red Box- We don't have cable, but we do have a dvd player and a baby TV. Although we've been saying that we're going to sign up for netflix eventually, we find it way too easy to run and grab a $1 movie (unfortunately they have turned into $4, $5, etc. movies at times..) Thanks to red box, we have been able to experience some amazing high-quality cinema such as 17 again..., wolverine..?, and scooby doo: the mystery begins :). There's nothing better than Shag and Scoob!

3. Target- since we got so many giftcards for our wedding, we have been LIVING off of groceries from Super Target in Orem. I always seem to forget something for dinner, and we are usually too cheap to spend real money at Smith's so we are at Target quite a few times a week. Let me tell you, I have found a new appreciation for that store. Genius. I could spend my life's savings in every department (if I even had a life's savings..)

4. "The Mav"- aka Maverick. 44 oz.ers have saved my life after a long day at school or elsewhere.

5. BYU football- We have been fortunate enough to have tickets to every home game and we even got to bring friends along! I used to be anti-sports, but ever since I married a NCAA football fanatic, my appreciation for the Cougs has grown. (honestly I didn't even know he liked football before I married him). I have a great time embarrassing Ry when I'm the only one singing "Rise and Shout" at the top of my lungs in the season ticket section.. (thanks for helping Chels!) and the paw swipe is a must!

6. Gooood Friends! Although we don't get out and see them as much as we would like, we are so lucky to have great friends to hang out with. We spend many a night doing laundry and chatting with the girls at 137. I'm so glad I still get to see my girlfriends all the time. Another fun tradition we have started is Sunday night dinner and games with our great friends Chelsea and Nate. They are getting married in November, so we have fun talking about wedding stuff and giving them advice (like we know everything right?) It has honestly been something we look forward to every week.

So to sum it up.. life really is good right now. I was thinking that this is the first time in my life when I'm not living for the "next thing." Me&Ry really are totally living in the moment and loving every single second of it. We feel so blessed and so LUCKY to be in Love. :)