30 November 2011


I just love Thanksgiving. This year was relaxing and perfect. Me&Ry were so excited to have an entire week in Arizona with all our favorite things and people. We ate like kings, spent time with friends and family, did a little shopping and slept in!

This year my mom hosted the big dinner at our house. We had a great time shopping for food, planning out our dishes and even cooking together! I usually leave the cooking up to the moms but I had a blast being in the kitchen with the other ladies.

One of my favorite parts of our trip was being able to ride bikes with the Mosley family. They are hardcore and I love it. I rode almost 125 miles throughout the week, including a long 50 mile ride on Saturday. Let's just say we have a new hobby!

The very best part of Thanksgiving is reflecting on all that we have to be thankful for. Our health, families, friends, the gospel, educations, job, brother's mission call and of course each other!

Me & my dad on our 50 miler. Looking out at 4 peaks.

The Mosley clan on Thanksgiving Morning - Ryan, Carrie, Michael, Paul, Jacque, Dad, Chris and Shelby

Mom's birthday dinner at Tempe Marketplace

29 November 2011

st. george getaway

Me&Ry spent the weekend before Thanksgiving in St. George with some of our best friends. We met up with Karly and James, Nicole and Blair and Dani Bree and Daron. We all used to live just steps away from each other. Unfortunately growing up, graduating and new jobs have spread our besties all over. We figured Thanksgiving would be the perfect time to get together for a few days.

We absolutely love St. George! Luckily Nicole and Blair live in this adorable city so we get to visit a lot. We woke up Saturday morning to the most gorgeous sunny weather. That was the perfect way to start off the weekend. While we waited for the rest of the group to arrive, a few of us explored the famous red rocks.

Nicole took us to "fat man's misery."
I think it should be renamed "claustrophobic girl's misery."

"Fat man's" is a teeeeny tiny crack between two rocks where you can only scoot through sideways. I was truly terrified to go in. I took two steps into the crack and freaked out. I didn't think I could make it. I have never felt so cramped, stressed and claustrophobic. Nicole and Karly convinced me that I could make it through and Nicole even held my hand the entire way. Let me say it was the biggest adrenaline rush! There were some spots where the rocks were pressing up against my back and chest and I barely scraped by.

This hike was so much fun! Although Ry tried to go in, only the girls could fit through. It made us feel pretty good that we are way skinnier than our husbands!  :)

 The rest of the weekend was filled with lots of catching up, yummy food and lounging around the Staples' gorgeous house.

Dinner at Pasta Factory

We spent a lot of time in the hot tub looking out at this incredible view.

It was extremely hard to say goodbye to our friends. We always have the best time when we're together. Thanks for the incredible weekend! We love you all so much. Can't wait until next time!

02 November 2011

a royal halloween

To me, the best part of Halloween is having a reason to celebrate. We partied at the Young's house on Halloween night and had an absolute blast. We ate chili, cornbread and too many of Dani Bree's famous cookies. We admired costumes and handed out candy to the cutest trick-or-treaters. We played games and laughed until we cried. I love that we can hang out until all hours of the night with these fun friends. This Halloween was definitely one to remember.

Me&Ry dressed up as the royal couple
Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

Tanner and Joellen cracked us up in their shark and astronaut costumes.

Dani Bree the adorable spider and Daron the terrified fly in her web. 

The cutest newly engaged couple Lindsay and Brycen dressed as the Zebra and Lion from Madagascar. 

Halloween was such a blast but I am so ready for November and the happiest time of the year that is rapidly approaching!