24 November 2010

full of gratitude

We made it to Arizona safe and sound.
It is so great to be home for Thanksgiving this year.
This is one of my absolute favorite holidays!
Our brains have fully switched from school and work mode to holiday mode.
This week, I tried to make a short list of the things I am most thankful for.. but it didn't really work out. We are so incredibly blessed.

So here is the longer version:

This year, Me & Ry are thankful for...

BEST friends
tasty food
super fun neighbors
a great ward
cell phones to stay in touch with loved ones
date nights
Ryan's job (and hard work!)
the opportunity to get an education
our cute apartment
good music
gym passes (and work out buddies!)
reliable cars
a nearby temple
living the married life together!

life is good!

22 November 2010

thankful (2)

To contiune on with our list of most thankfuls, Me&Ry

are thankful for our faith...

There is nothing that brings more joy to our lives than our religion.
During this week of thanksgiving, it becomes even more apparent how important it is in our lives.
Since this list is in no particular order, I would have to say this is the number one.
Oh how blessed we are!

Learn more about what we believe here.

18 November 2010

time to give thanks

"Gratitude is a mark of a noble soul and a refined character. We like to be around those who are grateful. They tend to brighten all around them."

- Joseph B. Wirthlin


Thanksgiving is just a short week away! 
I can't believe how quickly it has come.
In honor of one of the best days of the year, I wanted to highlight some of the things Me&Ry are most grateful for.
It is so easy to be bogged down with all the hard things in life. 
This week I decided to remember how many wonderful blessings have come our way.

We are thankful for

Our families are truly amazing.
I am grateful for our health and happiness!
I couldn't live without any of these people...

Getting married didn't only mean gaining a spouse...
I also got four sisters, and Ryan got a younger brother!
We are so grateful our new families have accepted each of us and love us like their own children.

In our first year of marriage, our families have been there with guidance, support and so much love.
Who knew that having two families could be better than one?!

To our families: we love you more than anything and we are grateful for you every day.

15 November 2010

the beehive state

This weekend Me&Ry were lucky enough to have a fabulous weekend getaway in Park City!
Thanks to Dani Bree and Darron for inviting us to hang out!

The weekend included:

great conversation
a delicious dinner
tons of snacking
more talking
intense games
pool competitions
 some more chats
an insane lack of sleep
bagels for breakfast
college football
shopping at the outlets

I truly felt like a freshman again!
We didn't fall asleep until 6:30 a.m.!
We were just having too much fun to go to sleep.

It was seriously one of the best weekends we have had in a long time.
School and work have left us exhausted. 
It was nice to just lose our cell phones and forget our worries for a day.

It didn't hurt to look at this all weekend either...

I am truly having a love affair with Utah these days.
In my 3+ years of living here, I haven't had the slightest appreciation for the gorgeous mountains outside my window, or the amazing yellow leaves scattering the ground.  I haven't realized how great it is to have world class snowboarding 20 minutes away. I have dreaded each and every winter and the first snow falls.
I don't know why it has taken so long,
but Utah has won a special place in my heart.
(Unfortunately, I can't say the same for Ryan.)

Luckily Me&Ry have at least two more
 winters to enjoy this amazing place!

Gorgeous scene captured on my iPhone after class today.

I love where I live!

01 November 2010

no one is too small to make a difference!

In the AdLab we are working with the organization They are a non-profit whose purpose is to fund projects that make the world a better place. Instead of asking for large donations, Tipping Bucket asks normal people like you and me to make small donations.

watch this to learn more:

YOU can help this great cause! is in the running for the $250,000 Pepsi Refresh Challenge Grant this month.

To win this grant and continue changing the world, Tipping Bucket needs all the votes they can get during the month of November.

To help simply text the message 104182 to 73774 (PEPSI)

You can text once a day during the entire month. 
I absolutely believe in this amazing organization and it would be so great to see them win this grant to keep changing the world!

So will you help?

You can even sign up for daily reminders. Just text 22046 to 27138 to sign up for Tipping Bucket's subscription list. We will send one text a day during November to remind you to vote! After that, the texts will stop.