25 May 2010

a sunny lunch date

Today was a seriously beautiful day.

The temperature was in the high 60's-70's, 
and the sky was unbelievably blue.

This was amazing considering it snowed quite hard yesterday.

So, what did we do on this beautiful day?

We had a picnic.

Tuesdays are normally really busy, but today was an exception!

Ry met me in between classes for a little lunch in the sun.

We ate yummy sandwiches from Jason's
 and sipped on Ry's staple drink, bottled rootbeer.

Oh, was it fun.  I see quite a few more picnics in our future this summer.  
That is, if the weather will allow. 

24 May 2010

if I was a rich girl..

We recently signed up for

We have been busy watching tons of movies and TV shows.  
In our minds, it is the greatest thing!

We hooked it up so we can stream entertainment instantly through our Wii.

Who needs cable when you've got Netflix?!

One of the movies we rented was
Fiddler on the Roof.

I absolutely loved it!
Ryan kind of suffered through the entire thing.. but he actually watched with me.

I can't believe that I have never seen it!
Also, I was excited to see how many songs and lines I have heard that were inspired by Fiddler.

I was shocked to hear this song:

Inspired one of my absolute favorites:

We really like Gwen's twist on it!

We plan on renting many more classics and watching in our spare time.
We would love suggestions for great and must see movies! Please share!

21 May 2010

band on the run..

All week, Ryan's favorite talk radio station has been giving away tickets to see Paul McCartney in concert.

Every hour, a clip would come on, and the 7th caller is entered into a drawing for tickets.

Ryan has called almost every possible hour.
Most of the time, the line was busy.

He got through twice...
First, he was caller number 6.
Next, caller number 4.
(SO close)

We didn't think he would actually get through.

But, today Ryan was lucky caller number SEVEN!

So, we were entered into the drawing to see this guy:

and his band on the run.

Paul is on our "must see before we die" list.

cross your fingers for us!

rockstar husband

Ryan is my personal rockstar...

He is taking 18 credits, working hard during all of his spare time, and still managed to surprise me with these...

Peonies! My all time favorite.
He even had to special order them...

Now our kitchen smells amazing, 
and springtime and sunshine are here to stay!

How did I get so lucky?!
I just love my man!

17 May 2010


When my mom was here, 
we decided to make some curtains for our living room.  
Me&Ry have been wanting something fun to spice up our white walls, but we weren't interested in any of the generic curtains available for purchase.  So of course I enlisted my mom to work for me while she was on her vacation.. typical!

They work really nicely with the rest of our living room.  I will post more when it is completely finished.  For me, decorating our little nest has taken some time.  We have lived here for seven and a half months, and it is still a work in progress.  Unfortunately, Me&Ry are very detail oriented.  We can't just go to the store and buy the first thing we see to make it work.  
I'm so lucky that my husband understands this!

My mama is an amazing seamstress.  She whipped these things out in like, an hour!  I think it would have taken me at least a week...

The next project is coordinating pillows for the couch.  Oh how I wish I had time/a sewing machine!
One of these days.. :)

14 May 2010

our new favorite..

Most Arizonan's living in Utah know that good Mexican food is hard to come by here in the Beehive State.  Ryan and I got a recommendation to try Gecko's in South Jordan.

I'm not gonna lie, we were skeptical.  We have been burned before. 
We always get our hopes up, wishing we will
find an authentic Mexican joint nearby.

Gecko's did not disappoint!

We ate amazing chips and salsa, chimichangas to die for, and some of the best Coke we've ever had. 
oh so yummy!

We finally found our Mexican fix.
Gecko's will reduce our weekly craving for 
Tia Rosa's, Matta's, Serrano's, Don Jose's, etc.

If you like Arizona style Mexican food, you need to try Gecko's!

...and please take us with you!

06 May 2010

a visit from mamacita

This week my mom came to visit! 
She left yesterday and we already miss her so much...
Ryan was really busy with work and school so we got to have some quality mother-daughter bonding time.

spider solitaire
going out to lunch
renting movies
a hair cut
listening to a good book on tape
sewing projects
chatting about life

It's a good thing my mom and I don't live near each other because neither of us would ever get anything done!  We have so much fun together.  It was blissful to come home from class to a hot meal on the table that I didn't have to cook! Oh how I have missed those days...

 My mom definitely spoiled us while she was here.  We can't wait for her to come back for another visit... 
we love you mama kimmer!