30 June 2012

friends trip to California

Over Memorial Day weekend we road tripped to Orange County with some of our couple friends! We have become pretty good at these quick weekend getaways and will take any excuse to spend time in the sunshine with our friends. We had an absolute blast!

Thursday night we hopped in the car with Tanner and Joellen. There were a few bumps in the road right off the bat. When we were around Fillmore we realized the car needed more oil. The boys spent a good while checking every single gas station in town trying to find the right type of oil to put in the car. In the meantime, Joellen and I waited at Burger King where we spilled an entire Dr. Pepper on the floor. haha! Once the oil situation was figured out, we were back on the road. We picked up Nicole in St. George and spent the entire drive chatting and listening to music. We were having way too much fun to be sleepy. We snuck into the house in the early morning hours to get a little sleep.

It was so great staying at the Pugmire's beautiful home. We enjoyed amazing home cooked meals, lots of time in the hot tub, and great walks around their neighborhood. Although the weather was a little colder than we would have liked, the sun came out for a perfect afternoon at Newport Beach. When our friends get together, there is never a shortage of conversation. I don't think there is anything better than lounging around with your besties and talking about anything and everything. We talked a lot about babies and loved on Karly and James' brand new Annie and BJ and Ellery's little Ellie. We are all totally obsessed with those little ones! We all played the "pencil trick" to predict how many babies we will have. Every night we stayed up talking. One night we told scary stories and legitimately freaked ourselves out! Honestly it was a perfect weekend! Thanks Dani Bree and Daron for inviting us. We can't wait until we have another excuse to visit California! 

10 June 2012

learning to drive

Ryan has been asking me for a while to teach him how to drive stick shift. My car is a stick shift and I actually love it! Driving in stop and go traffic is definitely more annoying, but I feel like I'm driving a race car. It's been a little bit of a nuisance when Ryan couldn't drive my car or move it if he needed to. The other night we decided it was finally time for him to learn! At 25! We started at the church but eventually moved to the parking lot at the Provo Towne Center mall where we could do laps and donuts. It was so fun! I saw visions of teaching our kids how to drive one day. I think all kids should learn how to drive stick in the beginning... We only stalled a few times and by the time we were done Ryan was practically a pro and driving great! Ry was very impressed that I've been driving a stick shift since I was 16... and in heels! We definitely felt like teenagers again for a night.