28 July 2010

lake powell and my shiner

So, I had a little injury this weekend.  Just a little warning: semi-graphic pix to follow..

Late Thursday night, after Nicole + Blair's wedding, Me&Ry drove down to Page, AZ to meet the family at Lake Powell.  We were bummed that we weren't able to spend more time down there, but with work, school and the wedding, we were lucky to get away at all! 
We got out of town at midnight, 
and crashed on the houseboat around 5:00 a.m. 
Me&Ry sat up on top of the houseboat 
and watched the sun rise over the lake.. talk about gorgeous!
I fell asleep shortly after.
Later that afternoon, everyone piled on the boat for a run.
17 of us on one boat was not the most comfortable ride, 
so a bunch of the kids piled up on two tubes. 
There were so many of us, that we could barely keep the tubes afloat.  

All the expert riders started jumping back and forth between tubes.  It was really getting crazy out there.  I even said out loud that Ryan hates when I tube because I always end up hurt.  (will I ever listen?)
So, there we were, just tubing along, and I lost my grip.  I fell off the tube, was flying through the air and one of the boys fell off right after me.  His knee smacked right into my head, mid-fall!
I knew I was hurt, but I didn't realize how hurt.
I instantly started crying, which kind of surprised me.. but then I heard someone say I was bleeding..
That's why we wear life-jackets people! I literally just floated there.  The boys started pulling me to safety and Ry jumped in to save me.
Let's just say both of us were really scared.
The boat ride back felt really long.  I was really shaken up.  I just kept praying that I would not have to get stitches.  I even made Ry "swear" that I wouldn't need them.

Ryan and Lachelle took me to the urgent care in Page.  
The nurses said it was going to be a 3 hour wait, 
but my mother-in-law did a little convincing and got me in quicker.  :)
They took one look at the wound, and knew I needed stitches... 
I instantly started freaking out.
Seriously, freaking out.
I've never broken a bone, had a stitch, or been seriously hurt.. 
so this was kind of a big deal.
Quite a few shots, tears, and hand squeezes later, I was finished.
My eyelid now has 16 stitches!
They had to go into multiple layers of skin,  
and they said the opening is over 3 cm long!
Who knew a knee could do so much damage?
I'm just so happy I don't have any broken bones in my face, 
or any issue with my sight.

I'm so thankful that Ry stayed right by my side and let me squeeze his hand as hard as I could.  He said he couldn't look while they stitched me up, and that he was getting really queazy.  But, he stayed by me the whole time! <3

So, the rest of the trip, I wasn't able to go underwater..  bummer.
But, it was still fun hanging around the Skousen fam.  
We played games, made bracelets, ate delish food, etc.

And now, without further ado.. the evolution of my very first black eye...

In the chair right after they finished stitching me up

Later that night..

When we got home

...and today!

I'm still walking around campus with this thing.. It really is embarrassing.  I don't know what's worse... Looking like I got in a fight, or looking like a fool wearing sunglasses in the grocery store, 
at night!

Well, I get my stitches out tomorrow afternoon, and I'm hoping everything will be down-hill from there! 
I can't wait to shower like normal, and wash my entire face!

All in all, the trip was still really fun!  We love hanging out with Ry's family.. We can't wait to see everybody again.. hopefully soon!

It will definitely be a Lake Powell trip we will remember forever...

my best friend's wedding

Last week Nicole + Blair were married!

Nicole is my best friend from the dorms.  We were randomly assigned to be roommates, but both of us truly feel like it wasn't that random.  She and I instantly clicked, and have barely been apart since.  Blair has been in the picture for a while now.  
It honestly feels like we've known him forever!

I was so honored to be a part of their wedding.  It all started with the wedding dinner on Wednesday night. I got to put together their slideshow of pictures! It was so much fun...

Thursday we were lucky enough to attend the beautiful sealing. 
Let's just say it was amazing.. 
those two are going to be one happy couple!

I tricked Ry into matching me.. 
Here we are outside the Salt Lake temple.

Me and my other BFF Lindsay before the reception.

cute bridesmaid dresses huh?

all 14 of us.. and the gorgeous bride

friends pic

They had their reception in Nicole's backyard.  Everything looked absolutely incredible.
It was definitely one of my favorite receptions.

Here they are trying to cut the cake.. (look at that thing... talk about gorgeous!)
unfortunately, this dude wouldn't get out of the picture.  haha

Can you tell the entire day was amazing?
We are so happy for Nicole + Blair.
In a way, we are more happy for ourselves because they are going to be our neighbors!
(we just couldn't stay apart.. could we?!)
Yay for married friends!

Congrats to you two, we love you more than anything!

27 July 2010

a weekend in Zion

A few weeks ago, we got to go down to Zion for the 

We had these super cute t-shirts made.. everyone was matchy matchy.

The views from our cabin were stunning!

...This is where we stayed

It was so have the entire family together.  It has been so long since I've seen some of my cousins and family members.  We hiked in Zion, ate yummy food, played cards and just relaxed..
Everyone absolutely loved Ryan-- which is no surprise! 
It was fun for Ry to get a little taste of the Mosley side.. 
to see where I come from.

Everyone put so much work into the weekend.  
And it really turned out amazing.
There is nothing better than being with family!
This was definitely a weekend to remember.

14 July 2010

a fabulous 4th

This year, we stayed in Utah for the 4th of July..

I have always heard that the Beehive State is amazing for the 4th, and it definitely did not disappoint. 

My dad was up here which was so much fun for us!

We got up super early Saturday morning to watch the world cup and get a little breakfast in Kamas.

Sunday we were invited up to our good family friends' ranch
 for what we affectionately call:
The Pasture of Fire

My favorite part of the entire weekend, was the fact that Ry got to go fly fishing for the first time!

My dad is a really passionate fly fisherman, and has been wanting to get Ryan out there with him for a while now!
Honestly, it was love the moment that boy stepped in the river.  

They left around 4:00 p.m...
...The BBQ festivities came and went...
...I kept staring out the window waiting for them to get back...

...and they FINALLY returned at dark.

I think we have an addiction on our hands people.

Once the sun set, Pasture of Fire began.

My dad brought a few pennies worth of 
questionable fireworks up from Vegas. 
Not simply the ones that spin around on the ground.. 
No. NO.
The ones that actually shoot up in the air... the really cool ones!

So in addition to all of these firecrackers and fountains suspended on wires, we had a full on show that shot up into the sky behind it.

It was seriously one of the best shows we have ever seen!

We had a way fun, relaxing yet exciting 4th of July weekend..
I can't wait for next year!

Happy Birthday America! 

02 July 2010

happy shower day Nicole!

Last week, my friend Lindsay and I threw a bridal shower for our bestie Nicole.

Everything was very girly and pink, which fits the bride to be perfectly! :)

We dined BBQ chicken salad, rolls, and yummy desserts...
(including sweet tooth fairy cupcakes!!)

There was a lot of chatting, laughing and good stories.

Oh we are so excited for our friend!

She was showered with goodies, gifts and love..
It was such a fun shower!

I am beyond excited for Nicole & Blair.
I can't wait for the wedding on the 22nd!