26 January 2011


Last week we had a blissful day riding snowboards at Sundance. I seriously love it up there. I can't believe we live just a short drive away from such incredible beauty. The last few years we have had season passes to resorts in Park City. I must say, the change of pace at Sundance has really impressed me. I love that there is practically no one on the mountain. No matter what day or time it is, we always have the place to ourselves. Snowboarding with Ryan is my absolute favorite thing to do. We get to be together, spend time in nature, talk and hang out. This season is particularly great because I am able to keep up with Ryan. I have finally moved out of the learning stage and into a comfortable place. We saw a cute couple on the mountain that day. The tall guy was patiently teaching the long- haired brunette how to snowboard. He was holding her hands as she slowly eased her way down the mountain. It reminded me of falling in love with my cute guy as he ever-so-kindly taught me how to snowboard. I always knew Ryan would be a great husband because he is so kind, patient and a good teacher. He never once got frustrated with me throughout the many long days we spent on the mountain together. All his teaching has finally paid off!
We are headed up there tomorrow and I can't wait!

17 January 2011

Christmas Day in Kansas

Here are a few photos from Christmas Day in Kansas. I got a new camera on the big day, and I think everyone was semi-annoyed by my picture taking. Especially my pup. 

13 January 2011

iPhone photos

Although I love taking pictures as a way to remember things, I find it so annoying to lug my "real" camera around everywhere.
I use the camera on my iPhone a lot to capture the little random moments of every day life.
Although some of these random pictures may have seemed silly or meaningless when I took them, it was fun to clump them together and remember a great year.

a few iPhone photos from 2010:

A yummy pesto and fresh tomato pizza I made (with homemade dough)

the Draper temple at sunset

my adorable b-day cake

cute Ryan at Michelle and Aaron's wedding

frosty Mexican cokes (the big ones)

peonies bought for me by my love

our cute little sister Rachel and her pup Coco

Saturday morning donut run

date night at The Cheesecake Factory

Ryan hanging in our guest room

The Coogs playing in Provo

the Logan Temple - LOTOJA weekend

The Skousen fam after Rachel's baptism

setting up our TV - huge family purchase

random deer running across campus

terrifying car and license plate (WHIRLWIND)

a yearbook snapshot of my little football star (Stapley Jr. High haha!)

the very first snow of the year covering our cars

It is obvious to me that we love food.. or at least taking pictures of food. I had completely forgotten about many of these pictures until I went back through to pick out my favorites. 
This year I plan to take a lot more!

02 January 2011

Christmas in Kansas

For Christmas this year, Me&Ry flew out to Wichita, Kansas to be with my family! I left on the Monday before Christmas, and Ry came out on Wednesday. It was our first time being apart since we got married (crazy).

My family moved to Wichita in August of this year and we have been looking forward to visiting them ever since. Wichita is my new favorite place! The area where my family lives (Andover) is beautiful! The homes are all gorgeous with huge manicured lawns. There are no fences between houses, so our dog can just run and play where he pleases. I was surpised by how many fun things there are to do in their area. They have all the restaurants and shopping anyone could ask for. There is also a huge movie theater and other entertainment just up the street. My favorite feature is the YMCA. It is the best gym/activity center you have ever seen multiplied by 10. There are pools, classes, courts, tracks, equipment galore, etc., etc. I could live there! I would gladly ditch my pass to Gold's Gym for one to the Andover YMCA. Wichita is a little different than anywhere I have ever been. There are so many open fields covered with giant bales of hay intermixed with developed area. There are corn fields everywhere that will be full this coming year. I think the most unique thing about Kansas is the lack of anything on the horizon. I have never been anywhere that did not have a single mountain or hill in any direction. The tallest things in Wichita are trees and power lines. Seriously. I have always lived pretty close to impressive mountains and/or skyscrapers. It was very different to look up and see only blue sky in every direction.

The best part of Christmas break was family time. We haven't all been together since the Spring... which the longest we have ever been apart. I wasn't expecting Christmas in Kansas to be extremely memorable or fun, but it definitely turned out to be one of my favorites!

We spent our time exploring Wichita, baking, cooking, eating, putting together puzzles, watching Netflix and just spending time together. I love that there was no pressure to be anywhere, do anything or look perfect. Some days, we would hardly even venture outside into the frigid Wichita temperatures. We would stay cuddled up inside hanging out and talking.

Highlights of the trip:

Hog Wild BBQ - 
Kansas BBQ done right.
We love their amazing pulled pork, brisket, baked beans, etc.

Three 1,000 piece puzzles - 2 finished, 1 in progress

Christmas morning - obviously. presents galore! We are so spoiled.

Cooking and baking up a storm
this was so great, but also very bad.
There was so much yummy food, 
but I literally couldn't resist eating everything in sight.

sleeping in

Christmas shopping with the family

"Kansas people" watching

Cinnamon's Deli

getting my hair done

Ryan became a "gamer" playing Call of Duty with Cole

Cute Cole surprised all four of us with snuggies for Christmas. 
We opened them on Christmas Eve and stayed in them for the rest of the break!

Kansas Sunset

Tornado warning siren (haha)
These are positioned on every other corner.

I hope we get another opportunity to visit Wichita and possibly explore more of the Midwest! We are so grateful to my family for making this an incredible holiday. We love you guys and miss you already!