28 June 2010

"grown up" summer

a few weeks ago, we were feeling a little bummed...

It was the end of Spring semester and there was nothing ahead but work and school.

Me&Ry have been so busy over the past six weeks, and we have barely had time to see the summer sunshine.  
The thought of starting another semester was truly terrible, but we knew it was the best decision for us right now.

I know we are supposed to be older and "responsible" now that we are married, but to me, summertime is a time for swimming, no responsibilities and vacations.

So, after a little bit of feeling down, we decided to make the best of our grown up summer.

We bought season passes to seven peaks!

Woohoo! we are so excited to get some sun, and have fun together on the slides. We can just go for a few hours after class or whenever we aren't working.  
Some friends of ours also have passes which makes it even better!

Hopefully Summer won't feel quite as grown up
 if we get to go to a water park in our free time.

p.s.  I have already ridden the yellow one.  It was so fun! 
I am mustering up my courage to try the big blue one.

10 June 2010

sounds of our road trip

Me&Ry made a little road trip down to Arizona last weekend.

We listened to the entire basketball game.
Let's just say I dozed off. 

As the sun set, I woke up and it was time to listen to some tunes.

We started off with the new Jack.

Then of course some Gwen...

next, a little Steve.

Then.. we started to get nostalgic.

saves the day...

and Jimmy.

Finally.. Maria took us home.

Music is such a powerful thing.  It has the ability to change our mood,
 and remind us of things we haven't thought of for years.  

As we were listening to some of our old favorites, 
the memories we had of listening to it the first time came back.  
There is nothing like good music!

I just LOVE roadtripping.. especially with 
great company and our favorite tunes on the stereo.
I'm so looking forward to a summer filled with many more!

01 June 2010

memorial day

Me&Ry had a wonderful Memorial Day...

First, we slept in.

Then, we went tried a new place for lunch.  It was delish!
It's called Sweet Home Chicago.
Chicago style pizza never disappoints.
(our meal fed us for lunch and dinner.. bonus!) 

We spent the rest of the day wandering around different shops:
The Gateway,
a wonderful sale at anthropologie,
the usual.

We made a stop by the shaved ice shack down the street.

Then, we washed our cars,
and settled down to do some homework.

It was so great to spend the entire day together...
...we rarely get to.

We live right across the street from a cemetery.
It was packed all day with people visiting their loved ones.
I have never seen so many flowers, balloons, pinwheels, etc. in my life.
Me&Ry took turns guessing how much money was spent 
on all the goodies sitting in the grass.
oh how I love national holidays.