21 May 2012

a little update

Wow... where to start? So much has been going on in our little lives lately!

The most exciting update is Ryan's graduation at the end of April! Woo hoo! No more classes, tests, homework, etc.! It still feels very surreal that we are both college graduates! I don't know when it will finally sink in that we are no longer students. Ryan is now on the hunt for a job and trying to decide what career path he should follow. It is a very exciting time! 

I am still loving my job and enjoy going to work each and every day. I feel so lucky! I work with amazing people and work is truly fun!

We are enjoying the warm weather that finally arrived! Summertime in Utah is truly amazing. Especially after visiting our families in Arizona, I am thankful for the more mild heat that we enjoy up here. We have been spending a lot of time outside! Tennis has become our most recent obsession. Ever since our weekend in Palm Springs, we are out playing almost every day after work. We are also back on our bikes and looking forward to some fun rides this summer!

We had a great Mother's Day! We wish we could have spent the day with our moms and are very grateful for all that they do for us. It was extra special because we got to Skype with our amazing missionary! Cole is doing so well in England. It was really fun to talk with him and see his cute face! I am so proud and impressed with how grown up my little brother is. He is such a great example to me. Ryan predicted that I would bawl like a baby while talking to him and/or afterwards. Honestly, I would have guessed the same thing! But he is doing so great and is so happy that I had no reason to be sad. We know he is right where he is supposed to be and we couldn't be more proud. I have started a blog where I post his weekly letters and photos. You can check it out HERE!

I am also totally obsessing over Downton Abbey. I watched the first season in about a week on Netflix and I'm DYING to watch the second season. It's our family favorite! Anyone else loving the drama at Downton?

 Life is good and we are enjoying the moment. So, that's the (very) random update from the Skousen house! We are very excited for the fun times ahead! Yay for summer!