24 April 2011

the ABC's of college life

Last week I took the last final exam of my college career. It was an amazing feeling to walk out of the testing center and realize I will never have to do that again. As a little girl I couldn't wait for the day I would be done with school. I truly never felt like that day would ever come! Well, it is here whether I like it or not. Honestly, it is a little bittersweet. I have been reflecting on my time here and I realize how blessed I have been to meet so many amazing people and have unforgettable experiences. I know I will rave about how amazing my college experience at BYU was. I am already planning to brainwash my kids into coming here too. 

For me, college life was all about:

living with my besties at Alpine village (137/8)

having the Best friends a girl could ask for

studying Communications and advertising

Dance parties, Dollar scoop night and Delicious cinnamon melts

Eighties nights in Salt Lake

cougar Football games

Getting home at 4:30 in the morning (or later)

having many Homesick days and nights, but sticking it out

 Insanely hard religion tests

the JSB the JKB the JFSB

Kissing lots of frogs until I found my prince

fall Leaves and the change of seasons

getting Married! and attending the weddings of my best friends

taking lots of Notes

Ordering countless BBQ chicken salads from CPK

Pretending to listen in class while playing words with friends

Quietly hiding in our room during "floor meeting"

living by our favorite people at Roylance estates

Snow and Snowboarding! learning to walk, ride, drive and live in the stuff

meeting my forever roomie and best friends in Taylor hall

learning Undoubtedly that The Church is true

girls trips to Vegas

interning in Washington D.C.

gaining a little X-tra somethin' somethin' (oh, the freshman 15)

hiking the Y

Zoobie watching

Oh how I will miss the college life!

20 April 2011

happy 24th my love!

Last week, Ry had a birthday!
It was kind of a big one actually... his 24th!
We were talking about how the jump from 23 to 24 seems big to us. I have known Ry for 8 birthdays and that seems like quite a few to me.
I guess we are just getting "old."

Ryan wanted a relaxed day to hang out, eat good food and get presents. Well that wasn't quite what I had in mind. So a small group of friends surprised him for cupcakes and games!
I thought I was being so obvious that something was up. I was afraid at any moment I would give everything away. Luckily, he truly had no idea. He thought we were just stopping by a friend's house to say hi. We even fooled him into thinking no one was home and we were supposed to "wait inside."
He turned on the lights and everyone waited a good 4-5 seconds before popping up and yelling "SURPRISE!"

right after the big surprise

singing happy birthday

James "accidently" blew out his candle

try #2

Happy birthday my love! I hope that wish you made came true...

13 April 2011

the end is here

Today was my last day of class as a BYU student.
Me&Ry thought hiking the Y would be a great way to spend the morning.

As we hiked, I thought about my time in this little place called Provo. Although I have done my fair share of complaining, I truly love it here. The last 4 years have been the best years of my life. I met and grew to love my very best friends. I fell in love (again) with my Ryan. I learned (almost) everything I know. Most importantly, my testimony has grown and been strengthened more than I can even describe. 

(view of campus from the top of the Y)

I always knew I wanted to attend college at BYU. But I don't think I realized how much my life would change as a result of my time here. This chapter in my life has truly shaped who I will be forever.
It hasn't quite hit me that I'm actually done with school. I think I will finally grasp it when I put on my cap and gown next week.
I am a little nostalgic for the great times I've had, but happy to finally be out of the classroom!
I know that Provo will always have a special place in my heart and I'll always be a proud COUGAR!

10 April 2011

Birthday Girl!

My 22nd birthday was absolutely fabulous!
Ryan got work off and we were able to spend the entire day together.
I slept in while Ryan went to school. He came home with all the fixin's for a delicious birthday breakfast. Ryan cooked waffles from scratch that were to die for. I sat back and ate my breakfast while watching Teen Mom... (haha). Ryan hates it more than anything, but watched with me on my special day! Ryan got me a purse that I LOVE that I really needed for New York. We went to dinner, rented a movie and made treats. Perfect birthday!

The next night we had a little get together with some friends to celebrate! I am so thankful for the great friends we have made while living here. Words truly can't describe how much I love you guys!
Thanks to everyone for coming to celebrate...

James, Karly, Nicole, Lindsay and Dani Bree

The girls! Karly, DB, Lindsay, Nicole, Joellen, Linds, Birthday Girl!

Love this cute boy! 

Even baby Charlotte came! 
She was the center of attention the whole night as usual...
Love that girl.

This baby loves her sugar!

Jenna and Me

I think I say this every year, but this birthday was truly the best!
I guess getting "older" isn't too bad....