31 December 2010

2010 from A to Z

This year has been so good to us!
Here is a little recap of things we enjoyed during 2010.

The life of Shelb and Ry from A to Z

Amazing family and friends
lots of Cooking and baking
DisneylandDate nights and installing Direct TV
Eating some really good food
playing Games
an overnight trip to Hotel Park City
Ryan's many hours at Jason's Deli
Lake Powell and falling more in LOVE
eating lots of Mexican food
watching too much Netflix
a trip to Oceanside
Ryan's introduction to Pie shakes
discovering personality Quirks
numerous Road trips to Arizona and elsewhere
dealing with the Utah Snow and lots of Snowboarding
buying our humongous Vizio TV
visiting Wichita for Christmas
spending every second of Xtra time together
learning the benefits of saying "Yes Dear" a little more often
seeing all the Mosleys in Zion's

We are so looking forward to 2011 and all the great things to come!
Happy New Year!

21 December 2010

simply having a wonderful Christmas time

Things we are enjoying this Christmas season....

*the twinkling of lights inside our home and out

*Christmas tunes on the radio, my iPod, computer, and everywhere we go

*a fridge covered with Christmas cards from loved ones near and far...

*sending out a family card of our own

*our first snowboarding trip to Sundance

*a DVR filled with recorded Christmas specials

*planning and shopping for gifts to give our loved ones

*hosting a little get-together with good friends

*freshly fallen snow covering cars, walkways and everything in sight

(photos courtesy of Blair and Nicole who each sent me a picture of my completely buried car)

*the fresh scent of pine in our car

*goodies baking in the oven

*cuddling up in comfy clothes

*coming home to treats from friends at our door (thanks Kar and James!)

*Christmas red toenails

*the sound of our neighbors practicing their opera-style Christmas carols day and night... with no background music at an extremely loud volume
(jk I haven't been enjoying that one)

*most importantly, reflecting on the birth of our Savior during this time of year

Ryan and I are so incredibly happy to be done with this semester of school and finals week.
For me, this semester has been a stressful one!

I left for Kansas yesterday afternoon to come see my family!
We are all anxiously awaiting Ryan's arrival...
He stayed home to work a little before he can join us in the Midwest. I am absolutely loving Christmastime in Wichita!
(more updates on that to come...)

This is truly the greatest time of year!

(all photos taken on my iPhone)

06 December 2010

Thanksgiving under the sun

Our Thanksgiving in Arizona was absolutely fabulous!

We were so lucky to have a good chunk of time off school and work!
It was just the break we needed.

It was so great to hang with the Skousen family.
This was our first Thanksgiving with them since we were married...
(Last year we stayed in Utah).
Truly, they are so amazing and we are so lucky to have such a great family!

This Thanksgiving we...

Jogged in the Turkey Trot

Had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with the entire Skousen family

Took family pictures

Saw the cutest movie Tangled

Ate at many of our favorite places

Went shopping at Midnight Madness on Black Friday...
I scored some sweet deals at Gap!
(here we are, ready to run for the deals! ha!)

I went with all the Skousen girls to The Nutcracker ballet

Saw some old friends

Ryan golfed with his pops

Had dinner with Grandma Donna

Saw Katie give her farewell talk

and got a little sunshine on our skin!

It was so great to be around family
and think about the many things we have to be grateful for.
Thanks go out to the Skousens for making it such an incredible week.