15 April 2012

happy easter!

Easter weekend was great! The weather was so gorgeous and sunny! We are both so ready for spring to officially make it to Utah. I'm over this "beautiful one day, then raining and freezing the next" thing we've got going on. It was not our week to teach our Gospel Doctrine class, and we were asked to substitute in nursery. I can't lie, I just love seeing Ryan with the little cuties! We took them outside to try to tucker them out and calm them down a little bit. They just tried to run away. We were really missing our families on Easter Sunday. I cooked an Easter meal for us complete with Vegan Coconut Lemon cake. We even ate on our wedding china for the special occasion. It was a great day to remember the resurrection of Our Savior. Life is good and we are so happy to welcome Spring!

08 April 2012

palm springs and birthday weekend

A few weeks ago we were invited by our friends Tanner and JoEllen to spend a weekend at their place in Palm Springs. The weekend we were planning to go happened to be over my birthday! I can not imagine a better way to spend my birthday than in the sunshine with good friends.

We left Thursday night after work. We took the most direct route to Palm Springs which led us from Provo to Vegas, and then from Vegas through the Mojave National Preserve and Joshua Tree National Park. It was a little terrifying at night because there are no street lights, signs or anything. It was just us and the bunny rabbits. Luckily we had GPS to get us there! We arrived at 2:30 AM California time. It was already my birthday! We crashed in the most comfortable bed, but I could hardly sleep because of my excitement for the weekend to come!

Friday morning we woke up and the girls took a nice little jog. The resort is actually 30 minutes south of Palm Springs in La Quinta. La Quinta is the most beautiful little city and the resort is to die for. I absolutely love desert landscaping, so I was just in heaven. The resort was perfectly manicured, with bright flowers and palm trees everywhere. We spent the day relaxing at the pool  in the glorious 90 degree weather. That night we all went out to a fun dinner in Old Town La Quinta. I'm so grateful that everyone made me feel so special on my birthday! I couldn't imagine a better way to spend my day!

The rest of the trip was spent with more lounging by the pool, more yummy food, lots of chatting with the girls and just relaxing. Although it was just a quick weekend trip, the hours seemed to linger forever. We feel like we packed a lot of fun into the short time we were there. We feel so much better with a little sun on our white skin! It was the perfect little weekend getaway. Thanks again to the Runia's for an amazing time! We sure do love our friends.