15 October 2012

girls weekend

I haven't had a chance yet to write about the amazing girls weekend we had last month in St. George. It was so refreshing to spend some quality time with my very best friends... I really needed it. We've been talking about planning a girls weekend for a while now, but with busy lives and schedules to work around, there were little things in the way of making it happen. So, one night Nicole and I were talking on the phone and decided just to set a date, and it actually worked out! I'm going to try to apply this to more areas of my life! :) We definitely missed friends who live far away and couldn't make it!

St. George is the perfect place for a quick getaway. It's close, warm and there is so much to do! We all stayed at Nicole's house. She was THE perfect hostess! We had the best time just hanging around, eating, laying by the pool, watching chick flicks and TV shows and chatting for hours on end. It was so nice to really get caught up on everyone's lives. We all used to live together in the dorms and Alpine Village but have since spread out. I will always consider these girls my best friends and I'm so grateful to have each and every one of them in my life.

I just love my besties!

We spent all day Saturday getting some sun by the pool.

We went to get treats Swig where they are famous for their "dirty" drinks. "Dirty" = a shot of coconut... And let me just say, Diet Coke + coconut = divine. Look at the line in the drive-thru... so popular!

We had dinner at Pasta Factory... and I ate way too many of their amazing breadsticks!

And of course we had to get custard at Nielson's!

Thanks for the amazing time girls! Love you all!

04 October 2012

a quick trip to Arizona

I went to Arizona over Labor Day weekend for an orthodontist appointment. My dad was out of town so it was just my mom and I at home for a short girls weekend. It was just what I needed! I absolutely love being with my mom. We always have so much fun together. She takes such good care of me and spoils me every time I'm home... I never want to leave!

We did some shopping {bridesmaid dress, beauty supply store, makeup} , ate at all my favorite places {Orgeano's, Rosa's, Johnny Rocket's}, colored and cut my hair, went to the movies and spent a lot of time chatting {and snuggling my puppy}. It was also great to see cousins and family I've been missing.

It was a perfect {quick} trip home!

{Diet Coke @ Oregano's}

{Mesa Froyo! A #1 tart raspberry}

{sitting @ Dr. Frost's office}

{I love having a mother who does hair!}

{Nothing better than a grilled cheese @ Johnny Rocket's}

03 October 2012

visitors in Provo

Our weekends in September have been pretty busy with family in town. We have loved having the Skousens here visiting! The whole family was together for the first time in a while! We're sad that it won't happen again until the holidays...

Everyone was here for the first BYU game of the season. It was rainy and a little colder than I would have liked but it's always fun to cheer on the Cougs! I got a little teary-eyed hearing the band play the fight song. Ryan was totally embarrassed. I just love my alma mater!

We drove up Provo canyon and took family pictures! It was my first glimpse this year of the gorgeous fall colors that remind me why I love Utah.

We celebrated Rachel's 10th birthday with a family dinner at Brick Oven. It was so cute. She loved having the attention of all her older siblings with a party just for her. Rachel confiscated all iPhones for the entire dinner. She said it's "really annoying" when everyone is on their phones. Rachel, I agree! We played a game where each person takes turns answering a question about themselves. The answers had us laughing pretty hard!

A few of us went out for 9 holes at Hobble Creek. Mackenzie took a golf class at BYU over the summer and it was really fun working on our games together!

We just love having visitors in Provo! Book your trips now... our guest room is always open!