23 February 2010

number 5.. Draper

I want to visit ALL the temples.

I think each and every one is so beautiful. Plus, one day I can use this dream as an excuse to travel!

Since moving up to Provo, I decided it would be a great time to check the Utah temples off of this giant list.  
There are 6 temples between Provo and Salt Lake. 
After getting married, I realized what a great experience actually completing this goal would be.

Tonight Me&Ry went to [#5] the Draper, Utah temple.
I think it's my new favorite.  Ryan said it's definitely his.

We grabbed a bite to eat before, then made it inside just as the sun was setting.  

The temple is nestled high in the mountains and there is nothing around but the sky.

For some reason, before we decided to go up to the temple, today was kind of an off-day.
Going to the temple was just what I needed.  

It felt so good to feel incredible peace and spend a quiet night with Ry.  

I'm hoping next week we can check out another one! :)

19 February 2010

now playing..

we are slightly obsessed...

When we're not at school, work or elsewhere, Me&Ry are catching up on LOST!

We are almost finished with season 5 and honestly, I don't want it to end.  
Because once we catch up, what will we do with all of our free time?! ;)
(maybe go to bed at a decent hour?.. doubt it.)

Lost has seriously become one of our all time favorite shows..

Watching is definitely helping us survive the terrible winter in Provo... I'm just hoping the cold ends soon so we can go outside already!

07 February 2010

la la la love!

Last week marked the day we have been married for six months. 

Honestly, I can't believe it has already been that long.. time has flown by.

We recently got our wedding photos back from our photographer.  I have spent hours pouring over each picture, reliving each moment.  There were so many emotions and feelings that I remember from the big day.  

First, I got ready in the morning...

Then.. we met at the temple.  A few people came out to be with us...

yeah.. I think you could say we are loved...

...and in love!

Then, we had a huge party!

We drove away together as husband and wife.. 

Looking back, our day was perfect.  Not everything went perfectly, but I didn't really care.  And, I still wouldn't change one thing.  

August 1, 2009 was the perfect start to an amazing life I have with this man... this place...

I am so confident that I made the best decision of my life by marrying Ryan in the temple on that blistering hot day.

I didn't think life could get any better than this.. 

...but it has.  Every day that goes by, makes me love Ryan more.  

I am officially the cheesiest, happiest, most in-love girl on earth. And I'm loving every second of it!

I can't see what the next six months has to bring!

(p.s. to see more of our photos from the big day.. go here!) 

01 February 2010

the hotties of winter X

Me&Ry have had a really good time watching the Winter X games..

I noticed a little similarity between a few of the competitors.


Sammy Carlson- Big Air and Slopestyle Skiier

Louie Vito- SuperPipe snowboarder

Shaun White (the man) - SuperPipe snowboarder

and my man who is REALLY good at watching the X games

He's also a pretty "sick" snowboarder in my opinion... 

Maybe he will join his long & red haired friends next year? 
Winter X 2011?

A girl can dream..