26 March 2010

cravin' Asian

Last night, I finally gave in to Ryan's requests to go out for Asian food. 
So we stopped by Pei Wei.

For some unknown reason, I am not a fan of this cuisine. 
I really don't know where it started, but I definitely did not inherit my parents' love of sushi, teriyaki, white rice, etc. 

Poor Ryan.
He married me, and with this his love of Asian food might as well have disappeared.  
I don't think we've eaten it once since we got married. 

Until last night...

And, I actually thought it was delish.

Can you tell?

Maybe my taste buds are finally "growing up?"

 All I know is Ryan could get used to my cravin' for Asian.

15 March 2010

words with hubs

I have this really fun app on my iPhone called "words with friends."

It is just like scrabble.  You and a friend can play from your phones and send it back and forth no matter where you are.  I always play with the friends I have made in my classes while we are bored.

You can also make a game and just pass it back and forth between two people.. 
Needless to say, it has become our addiction.

Honestly, I thought I was going to be way better than Ry.
I thought it was more of my type of game..

...boy was I wrong...

Ryan kills me every time.  I have only beat him once. :(

We have very different strategies.  I go for good placement (on the bonus tiles), and Ry goes for the longest words possible. 
I think it's workin' for him...

However, the other night I made a sweet move!

105 points for "QUIN"

That is the highest score, we have ever seen..

I totally thought I was going to win, and then Ryan played "ILEX" for 84..

whatever that is?!

It is so fun to have a little friendly competition..
I WILL beat him again soon..

We always play whenever we are chillin' at home, or waiting somewhere together..

I want Ry to get an iPhone so bad...
...basically so we can play WWF 24/7

14 March 2010

we'd rather be...

I saw this print and I instantly thought of Me&Ry.. 

We have become quite the little thrifters ever since we began decorating our home.

On days that neither of us have work or class, we absolutely love to go explore thrift stores around the area.  Mostly we search for fun and interesting knick knacks to decorate with.  We also browse for furniture, interesting books, and anything unique to put in our home.  

I will say that Utah has a few pretty good thrift stores.  
All the generous Mormons give their quality goods away to D.I. like you wouldn't even believe.  

Obviously there is a lot of junk to be found, and most of the time, we leave empty handed... However, it is one of the best feelings to find a treasure that was also really inexpensive.  
It is kind of an adrenaline rush.

Plus, when we find something good, it counteracts the fact that I breathe through my shirt and fight off gags the second I walk into an old shop... (literally)

My favorite treasure we found at the thrift store is this globe..

We had been looking for one to go in our living room when we stumbled upon this beauty.  
Globes this size are not cheap and it is in great condition!

Luckily for us, (and our bank accounts) we love to thrift! 

[photo via designismine]

04 March 2010

oh the hair..

the other day I asked Ry what our kids are going to look like.
The very first thing he said was, 
"our BOYS are going to have "beautiful, long, flowing HAIR."

well, if they look anything like their dad.. I think there is an extremely good chance of that!

(nice make up huh??)

I think long hair is so super cute.. obviously. I fell in love with that mop top!
I don't think the boys' grandparents will be too thrilled about the whole long hair thing.. just sayin'..

hittin' the slopes

This week we went snowboarding.
Riding together is definitely one of our favorite things to do.
We are so lucky to have season passes at The Canyons, so we can go up when we have a few extra hours after class or before work.  
Last year, we rode all the time.
 This year we haven't made it up as much as we would like.
(stupid responsibility..)

I finally took my camera with us this time to snap a few "memories" if you will..

On the gondola ride up, Ryan always gets my boots tied up nice and tight.
One time, this old skier guy saw Ry doing this, and said that The Canyons has better amenities than Deer Valley..
..boot tying service! :)

..sittin' on the lift (Ryan might kill me for this one..)

not only does he tie my boots, but he can get my bindings way tighter than I ever could
(can we say.. helpless..??) 

Ryan waiting for me to catch up to him.  How gorgeous is this?! 
It was the most beautiful day and obviously we had the mountain to ourselves..

"snowboarder chick"
(notice again that no one is around.. the best!)

Some of our very best memories have been made in the gorgeous outdoors of Park City.
It is so much fun to live up here and take advantage while we can!

I know I say I won't, but one day I will really miss living in Utah...