25 July 2011

to the sea

On Wednesday night Me&Ry decided we wanted to take a spontaneous and unplanned trip to California. Just a few hours later on Thursday we loaded up the car and headed to the sea....
With nothing going on in our lazy summer days it was a dream to get out of Provo for a weekend of fun! 
This summer we have already spent a lot of time on the road and we're not showing signs of stopping. We love roadtripping together. There is nothing better than being alone in a car together for hours on end. Weirdly enough, a lot of our trips are spent in silence. No music or radio to be heard. Just the sounds of familiar road and lots of conversation. We listen to music when we eventually agree on what to play... it usually takes a few hours.

Once we made it to California, we were in heaven! We met up with our good friends Karly and James. They just recently moved from our little neighborhood to Costa Mesa. They were kind enough to let us stay in their adorable apartment. We had such a great time talking, eating, laughing and talking some more.

we tried out the juice bar at Mother's Market
shopped our favorite stores at South Coast Plaza
took a daring trip to "Wal Mart El Super"
tried two amazing new restaurants The Veggie Grill and True Food Kitchen
took morning jogs to the beach and back
daydreamed about how to design our future beach house

We had a few frozen bananas during our stay! I would definitely say Dad's Frozen Banana Stand was the clear winner (mmmm butter brickle!).

We laid in the sand for hours and hours on the Balboa Penninsula. We got a lot of reading, people watching and dolphin spotting in. Karly and I literally never stopped chatting. Ryan and James were the brave ones who went for a swim in the cold, whale infested waters!

We packed a delicious picnic and ate at my all time favorite beach Salt Creek. The boys played frisbee and we sat looking at the amazing view.

We took a stroll along the water and both felt so at peace and happy in the sun by the sea. This was the perfect little trip! We miss our beloved beach and Karly and James already!
Thank you for everything you two! We can't wait to come back soon!

18 July 2011

lake powell

We were lucky enough to go to Lake Powell for an entire week with the Skousen family. The lake was absolutely beautiful this year. The water was very high and we got so much sunshine! We had the best time with the Skousens and Cliffords. My brother Cole even got to join in on the fun! We just LOVE that place. We are so grateful to Ryan's family for putting on such a fun vacation. 

Our trip included:
amazing food
wake skating
justin beiber on the stereo
wearing nothing but our swimming suits
crazy rainstorms
waking up early and going to bed late
jet skis
bugs everywhere
celebrity magazines
tan lines
bruised legs and raw elbows
family time
boat rides
catch phrase
climbing sand king/vertical beach
adorable matching t-shirts
and lots of laughter!

We can't wait until next year!