18 March 2011

make your own spring break

This year, we decided to do just that. Although BYU didn't give me even the tiniest break from classes, the Skousens came to the rescue and gave us the perfect excuse to create our own break from school and daily life.

The whole family decided to come up for a little ski vacation! This time was especially fun because we had a huge slumber party in our little apartment. We hosted the parents and Rachel while the older girls crashed with Meagan.

We got to snowboard, eat at all our favorite places, have a little Bachelor party, play golf, cook and just catch up. We absolutely love when the Skousens come to town. It is so refreshing to be with the whole family. We miss you guys already!

16 March 2011


Life is really good for Me&Ry.

Ryan has been staying extremely busy with school and work. He is still at Jason's Deli and doing really well in his classes. He is loving the (slightly) warmer weather in Provo and getting ready for golf season in Utah! 
We are trying to snowboard together as often as possible while Sundance is still open.

Shelby can't believe I am finishing my last semester of college! Some days have felt like school will never end. Other days, I feel extremely sentimental and I know I will miss BYU.
The biggest and best news of all is that I got an internship for the spring semester in 
New York!

Honestly, this is a dream come true for me. Ever since I was a little girl I have thought about living in The Big Apple one day. I will be working as an intern at an advertising agency for about 6 weeks starting at the end of April.
I feel so lucky to have this opportunity! More importantly, I am grateful for incredible support from Ryan. He encourages me and inspires me to follow my dreams no matter where they may lead.
I will be going to New York alone while Ryan keeps working on school this summer. We are already planning his trip to visit. (I can't believe Ry has never been!) Although we are both really bummed to be apart for a few weeks, we are so excited for this incredible opportunity.

Let's just say we are in for a lot of skype dates and racking up the cellphone minutes! :)