18 July 2012

friends & the fourth

This 4th of July was fabulous! It was one of our all time favorites. It was really nice to have a day off of work in the middle of the week. The night before, Ryan and I had a fun little sleepover in our living room. We stayed up late watching TV and slept in. It was awesome! We had a fun day relaxing, watching the Tour, going out to lunch and enjoying the day.

That night, we went to our friends Dani and Colby's house for a BBQ and homemade firework show. The food was amazing! Dani is quite the little cook and she found tons of ideas on Pinterest that made our BBQ extra cute. She was so sweet to make veggie skewers for us and tons of yummy treats and drinks. After we were stuffed and the sun went down it was time to start the show!

Ryan and Colby drove all the way to Evanston Wyoming a few weeks ago to buy illegal fireworks for the 4th. With all the fires we've been having in Utah, I was a little nervous about the boys using them but it turned out great! Not only did they have the awesome "aerial" fireworks, but they also made their own "cherry bombs" with empty plastic bottles and gun powder. They are quite the little pyros!

We laid comfortably on blankets in the grass while the boys lit up the sky. I lit a roman candle, and my favorite firework a "ladybug" and of course the girls did sparklers. There was a lot of booming and we are semi-deaf, but I'll take a homemade firework show in Utah over a sweaty Arizona show any day! Thanks again to Dani and Colby for the awesome night. We just love you two!

17 July 2012

Keane show

A while back Ryan and I saw that Keane, one of our favorite bands, was going on tour and stopping in Salt Lake City. We were so excited because Keane has been on our list of must see concerts forever. Our great friends Chase and Jenna love them just as much as we do, and we knew they would love to come with us. I sent a text to Jenna and Chase letting them know that tickets had gone on sale and we better buy them quick! Jenna texted back saying that they were in, but she planned to surprise Chase with the tickets for father's day which was about a week before the show. She even deleted the text from his phone before he saw it! We had such a hard time keeping this secret! But Chase was really surprised. We all looked forward to the concert for a few months and finally the day came that we got to go!

I was really excited for the show and honestly, it blew my expectations out of the water. It was a moving experience that I'll never forget. The lead singer sounded truly amazing live. I think he sounds better than a recording. The venue was pretty small so we felt really close to the band. It was so fun to be outside on a gorgeous summer night sitting in the grass listening to our favorite music. All the band members said that this was their favorite stop of their tour so far and it was obvious they were having a great time. I truly never wanted it to end. It was like a greatest hits concert. They played all the best old songs as well as my favorites from their newest album.

After the show, we decided to wait by their bus to see if we could meet any of the band members. Each member of the band came out one at a time to sign autographs and take pictures. Since I am short, I just nudged my way up to the front and got to talk with each member of the band while they autographed my tickets. They are all the nicest, cutest guys ever and took time to talk with every person who was waiting. It was the coolest experience to actually meet the people who made some of my favorite music.  For once I wasn't even start struck and had awesome little conversations with each band member. We had such a fun time with our favorites Chase and Jenna and we couldn't imagine having as much fun with anyone else. It was truly a night we'll never forget!

Before the show, we went to dinner at Settebello.

Singing "Bedshaped"

Tom, the lead singer, signing my ticket.

Tim, the pianist.

08 July 2012

Hobble Creek

We spent a beautiful summer evening up at Hobble Creek Golf Course with our friends Tanner and Joellen. We decided to walk the course and enjoy the amazing weather we've been having. I have to say, I am starting to really love the game of golf! I decided that if Ryan is going to spend a considerable amount of time in our lifetime golfing, I might as well enjoy it with him. Luckily Ryan is an amazing teacher and has been helping me work on my game. We had a great time walking, talking, laughing and hitting the golf ball too! We always have a great time with Tanner and Joey and we're glad they invited us to play the course!

I hit this shot on a par 3 for the first birdie opportunity of my life. I was really proud of my close shot and ended up making par. Looks like I need to work on my putting skills... :)