27 April 2010

the latest

Not a lot has been happening lately...

... or rather, too much has been happening!

I thought I would post "the latest" happenings going on in our little life.

1.  finals- In the advertising program, finals mean group projects and presentations...  Finals week brought a lot of long nights locked in the library with my group.  Let's just say we are all really good friends after all the quality time we have spent together.  I buckled down and studied hard, and all my hard work payed off, but I'm truly exhausted!  Ryan is finishing up finals this week and it has been stressful for him as well!  We are both excited for the new semester to begin.  A fresh start will be great!

2. work- Yes I am still at Victoria's.. and Ryan is still at Jason's..  It always seems like the minute we get stressed with school, our jobs become more demanding than ever.  We are definitely feeling the pressure of balancing jobs and school.. not to mention our lives!

3.  hulu- Because we don't have TV,  hulu is our favorite thing in the world!  Our favorite shows at the moment are.. 30 Rock (still), the biggest loser, and GLEE (only for me.. Ryan refuses to even listen)!

4.  pizza- Papa John's.  The best break from studying (and being a cookin' mama) ever created.  Tasty!

5.  weddings- LOVE is in the air!  It is definitely wedding season in Utah and we are loving it.  This weekend, Dani Bree (my friend from the dorms) got married, and in two weeks Michelle (my roomie last year) will tie the knot.  It kind of makes me wish I could marry Ry all over again!  Weddings are so fun.

6.  spring- Spring has finally sprung in Utah.. It is truly gorgeous here.  All the trees have exploded with gorgeous with white flowers.  It is so pretty, however, it seriously stinks!  It is to the point where I am literally gagging when I walk outside or open a window.  Ryan thinks I'm exaggerating.. and I keep telling him I would never do that.. would I?!

Even though they are smelly..
Now it's to the point where all the trees are turning green and the stinky gross flowers are falling off.  I will kind of miss the way they look though..

I took a picture of the tree outside our place every day.  It is so cool to me how quickly the trees changed.

So, maybe it's not the most exciting thing ever, but it's our little life and we are loving it!
We are looking forward to summer, wearing shorts, lunch dates outside, and making trips to 7 peaks.  We are having so much fun in Provo!  We definitely love this time in life and are truly enjoying every minute of it.  

24 April 2010

happy 23rd, love!

Last week we celebrated Ryan's 23rd birthday!

I surprised Ryan with a way good present
(if I do say so myself..)

He was so surprised!  I was super sneaky!

We have already wasted spent so much time playing Mar-3-o Kart (as we call it..)

It's kind of annoying because Ry is way better than me!  I swear I never beat him.. I thought I was a decent nintendo player.. 

Unfortunately we both had school and other responsibilities to attend to on his big day, but we had a really fun and nice dinner that night!

Of course we went to Cheesecake!

Ryan would not tolerate any singing from the waters.. they really wanted to but.. (no, way.)

I was lucky enough to catch a smile out of him and he made a wish on his candle!
He also chose the flavor of cheesecake we ordered.. banana cream!

Ryan got lots of sweet texts, and few cards from his loved ones, and he was super excited about every one!  It was just a fun, relaxing birthday.. and a very happy one.

Happy 23rd Ry!

05 April 2010

a little older, and (hopefully) wiser

Wasn't I here...

...just yesterday?!

I turned 21 last week, and it's weird to me that I feel old.
I kind of thought I was going to be a kid forever.

When I was little, I used to tell my parents I didn't want to grow up.
The song "I don't want to grow up.. I'm a toys-r-us kid" used to make me cry.. (haha!)

However, I can say that being "old" isn't as bad as I thought it would be (so far...)

I had a fabulous birthday!

The night before, I made myself a coconut birthday cake (my all time fav).  I had a few close friends over to celebrate however, this stubborn cake wasn't done baking quite in time.  Ryan and I definitely enjoyed it though!

On my actual b-day I was pampered and showered with love the entire day...  

After a fun relaxing morning, my besties took me out to lunch at our favorite CPK.

..after lunch we couldn't resist a little frozen yogurt!

When I got home Ryan gave me some presents..

My favorite:

is an original copy of The Eagles' Hotel California on vinyl.
I have been looking for this baby for a while now and Ryan found one online for me! 

Ah I am so excited.. now I'm just looking for the perfect spot in our place to display it.
(seriously, so thoughtful!)

At night, Ry took me to The Cheesecake Factory for din.
I think it's my favorite restaurant and it's definitely one of a few decent selections in Utah..
all I can say is YUM!

(and yes.. we ate one of these..)

I got some goodies from my parents and also Ryan's family...  everyone was so thoughtful and sent so much love my way.

I wish it was my birthday every day..

You know, without the whole "getting older" part.

01 April 2010

the time 8 Skousens went to Disneyland..

The Skousen clan invited Me&Ry to join them in California for spring break.

Let me tell you, it was amazing.

We had been so bogged down with school, work, and cold weather that it was perfect timing for us to get a little vacation.

However, I have begun to learn that a "vacation" with Skousens, will almost never leave a person feeling rested.  I love that this family is always on the go!  We hit every ride possible (and as many times in a row as possible), were the first ones in the park and last ones to leave.  They tuckered us out!!
We had 3 day park hopper passes, and we intended to use them.

Here are our favorite highlights of the trip..

The Tiki Room was a favorite memory.. not because we liked it.
(no offense to those who do, you know who you are)
Because we were called "rude" for leaving mid-show.
Even Rachel thought it was "stupid."
If only Ryan wouldn't have left his cell phone in there.....

Small world! I haven't been on this one forever.
Definitely couldn't get the song out of my head...

Riding Thunder Mountain over and over and over......

Spending time with my new sistasss

Ryan has a blast hangin' out with his family.
Quality time with pops and Rach waiting for Toy Story.

Everything at California Adventure..

Although I am soaking wet from the rapids ride, I love Ryan's face in this one..
He is actually that scared..
This was the only time we could get him to ride the "Maliboomer."

The big kids on Tower of Terror... I love this one!
I am so glad Ry rode with me because I was actually a little scared.. 

Saturday morning we were "special" enough to get into the park at 7:00 am.  Normally it doesn't open until 8:00.  We got a picture with the castle with absolutely no one else.. So cool!
If we look a little tired in this pic, it's because we are.

We ran straight for Space Mountain and the cameras captured this beauty.. 
I swear we are still laughing..

Toy Story round 2.. killed Ry!

Rach and I rode the tea cups together! Ryan watched from the sidelines..  He did not want to risk getting sick on this one!

One more ride on Screamin' before home..

There were so many churros, dole whips, laughs, inside jokes, and fun times that we had on this trip!  I am so excited to be a part of the Skousen family and I wish we could do trips like this all the time!

I think we slept for 2 days straight when we got home.. We've never been so tired! But it was so worth it.  

The Skousens definitely got everything we could out of Disneyland!
Thanks again for the fun trip! :)