30 November 2009

thanksgiving in the Beehive state

This year was unlike any other we've ever had! Instead of going home to Arizona for the holiday, we hosted the Mosley family in Utah for turkey day.

My parents came up the Sunday before to spend time with us, and my brother Cole came up Wednesday after school.

Some highlights of the week include..

1. Eating at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Park City with our great friends Guy and Melanie Morris. This was such a treat for Ryan! He is still getting used to the fine dining that comes with being a Mosley.

2. Shopping and lunch with my mom! It was so great to spend some one-on-one girl time with my mama. I miss her soooooo much!

3. Preparing our thanksgiving dinner for two days! My mom taught us how to make pies, brine a turkey, and so many other useful skills. Ryan was just as excited about the cooking as I was!

4. The big dinner!

check out that turkey.. my mom sure knows how to cook 'em

we brined the turkey overnight (soaked in salt water) and then cooked it with all these yummies inside!

me and the man on thanksgiving

"mama kimmer" {as Ry calls her} carving the turkey

sibling love

we ate on our china for the big meal!
Here is the table with most of the food..
and of course our drinks from 7-eleven.
{classy huh?}


Ryan was not cooperating with my picture taking...

Coleus with his rolls and Pepsi.. haha

We also went to the movies, decorated for Christmas, and had a great time hanging out together. The boys got to go snowboarding Saturday and I missed out because I had to work :(

It was so great to have my family come up this year. Because of work we wouldn't have been able to travel for the holiday and it definitely wouldn't have been fun without them!

We missed cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents this year! It was hard for Ry to be away from his family for the holiday.. but it is going to make Christmas that much sweeter.

Me&Ry feel so blessed and are thankful for so much this year! Our first thanksgiving together was definitely one to remember :)

a wedding in Las Vegas

Just a few weekends ago, Me&Ry went to VEGAS for the wedding of our dear friends Chelsea and Nate.

We haven't ventured out of Provo since we got up here in August... so it was great to have a change of scenery.

On Friday night we ate at BJ's pizza.. (our FAVORITE)

That night we also got to attend the temple with Chels and Nate.

Saturday was the wedding (which was FABULOUS btw). We were lucky enough to be invited to the ceremony in the morning. It was amazing, and the spirit was so strong! It was such a great experience for us and we are so thankful we were able to be there with our friends!

I just love Chelt-so!

The cute couple coming out of the temple..

Me&Ry at the reception.

We had so much fun dancing, eating the AMAZING food, and chatting with friends we haven't seen in a while.

Much thanks to Chels and Nate for letting us be a part of your big day! We LOVE YOU!

12 November 2009

asylum walls

Here at good ol' number 15, we live, surrounded by what we endearingly call "asylum walls." Literally, they are whitest walls you have ever seen. I think our landlord found Holy paint or something because they are just beyond white.

We never appreciated the soft browns or interesting colors our Moms used to paint until now. I am definitely a lover of white myself, but we have found that it's just a little too much for our taste.

Me&Ry have been buying up wall art like mad trying to liven this place up a bit, and make it more livable. However, with limited funds this has been a bit of a challenge.

Without knowing the whiteness of our walls, I even picked out ALL WHITE bedding! So this week it was finally time to add a little something to our room.


...first frame on the wall...

...getting closer..

..the finished product!

SO much better!

Excuse the fact that there aren't pictures in all of the frames yet... Agreeing on what to put in there is another project in and of itself!

The great thing about this collage, is that we didn't have to buy very many of the frames. A lot of them were used at our wedding, a few were wedding gifts, we slowly collected the rest of them and I made the mossy one in the middle! (a diy post to come..)

Ry-baby did a great job hanging these. I just sat back, relaxed and handed him the level. Who knew Ry obsessively straightens hanging pictures?!?! Well, his knack for perfection paid off.. they look great!

Do you like it?!


After months of searching... countless applications (honestly somewhere near 50)... and SO many nights of prayer, my cute husband has finally landed a gig!

Wooo Hooo! Shout hooray!
(audience shouts, hoorays, etc.)

Ryan is the newest employee at...

Jason's Deli!

Ry's job responsibilities include..

working the cash register
handling to-go orders
wearing a super cute green polo
and everything-in-between.

We are SO thankful that Ryan has been blessed with work. Although it's not his dream job (by any means) Ry accepted the job offer with a smile and got up early for work this morning.

I'm not gonna lie, I have secretly been loving the fact that Ryan hasn't had a job. Aside from the not having an income part, unemployment has brought so many great things into our lives! We have spent pretty much 24/7 together for the first 3 months of our marriage.. with the only exception being school. Our quality time was drastically reduced when I started working.. Now we are apart almost all day.. (imagine that?!) He left at around 8:30 this morning and we didn't see each other until 5:00.

...whelp, I guess that's what everyone else does, so we should probably get used to it!

So, life is good for the newly employed newlyweds... :)

05 November 2009


Me&Ry went here...

..since getting married, we have realized there is absolutely NO better place to go!
It makes us..
more in LOVE

Because I was in such a great mood, I decided to make dinner especially for my sweetheart. Ry has been craving a meal his mom used to make when he was a kid... I'm not gonna lie.. I was a little reluctant about making this meal.. here's why..

See, Ry is under the impression that in my 3 short months of experience I have become somewhat of a good cook. That's because I make things that i know how to make. Things my mom cooks... (and when I'm freaking out because everything is going wrong, I can call my mom and she'll walk me through the steps..)

The idea of this totally foreign meal thrown into the mix, was a little scary. It's hard to put my fragile cooking skills up against those of his AMAZING mom. (she really is a great cook!)

Nevertheless, I made the meal. And it turned out great! Ry even agreed. Let me tell you.. there is no better feeling than hearing "this is exactly how it should taste" from your man.

Woo hoo! My cooking skills will live to fight another day.

This whole thing taught me how important it is to make your man things that he likes, and not just meals that you like (I am quite guilty.) and it's okay if you don't make everything as good..

(Mmmm.. the casserole)

02 November 2009

pumpkins & corn


Here is the fabulous pumpkin Me&Ry carved this year...
It wouldn't be Halloween without Gwen right?!

haha just kidding. (we wish!) maybe next year?

here is our real creation.. we named him Rupert.

happy little guy!

here is the little Frankenstein aka Frankie Jr.
Chels & Nate carved.
(seriously the cutest!)


Continuing with the spirit of fall, we recently took a trip to the corn maze!

"Cornbelly's" does not just have a corn maze.. oh no. The geniuses there have created acres of playland for fall enthusiasts (like us). Including (to name few)... a mechanical bull, a tower of sweet pumpkins, fried ______ (anything you can imagine), and jumpy things galore. Ryan got a little carried away...

..if you look you can see him playing crack the egg in the middle of all the kids..
(Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures)

Loving it..

Sadly, time to get off :(


We got a footlong corn dog (battered and fried fresh), cuddled and got lost in the huge corn maze, raced down the slides, and had a great night with our friends! We <3>