29 January 2010

Shelby's survey #1

I am in an advertising/marketing research class this semester.  I seriously LOVE it.  I think it is so interesting all the thought and genuine research that goes into planning marketing and advertising campaigns.  

As part of my class, we have learned how to create surveys. (It's not as easy as you would think!)

My professor challenged us to get really good at using the software and writing quality questions.  
So, I've decided to take him up on that.

Take my first one!

It has to do with weddings.

Please anyone and everyone who reads this, take it! The more people I get to respond, the better.  If you take it, make sure you leave your name in the survey or comment and let me know you did.

This isn't a school assignment or anything, I just want to get some practice in.  The fact that I actually did this in my free time shows me I chose the right major! :) 


Oh, and I am going to blog about more exciting things really soon.. hopefully :)

19 January 2010


It's a common known fact, that I am a messy girl.

My mom has always called me messy marvin. She says I leave a trail behind me wherever I go. Whether it's crumbs on the table, or shoes and purses strewn about the house, my life has always been a bit....cluttered.

I made dinner on Sunday night. I was seriously starving, so I rushed through to get it in the oven as quickly as possible. Once my delicious meal was baking away, I took a step back to survey the damage.

I think the evidence speaks for itself...

Seriously? Open spice jars, sauce EVERYWHERE, and all the utensils I own were used. It looks like a baby tornado ripped my kitchen apart. This was honestly in the span of 40 minutes.

I will have you know, that I instantly cleaned & disinfected in my kitchen. I may be a little messy, but I'm not that gross.

My next goal: becoming a clean cook!

17 January 2010

hoot! there it is!

Sophomore year I bought lamp for my room.

I affectionately named him "Hoot there it is" or "Hoot" for short.

He was a great lamp. He brought so much personality and uniqueness to my small room.

Unfortunately, I broke him one night. He tried to fly off my desk, and never turned on again. This devastated me because I love this lamp and I knew I would never find another one like it. Plus, you can't replace a friend with a friend who looks just like him. It just doesn't work like that.

Now for the real story:
So, one night in September, Me&Ry tried to fix Hoot ourselves.
We spent $7.50 on a wiring kit to rewire him.

I thought I would be really smart and take a few before and after pictures.

Hoot proved quite challenging to fix.

The big problem:
We learned how hard it is to rewire an owl-shaped lamp after it was much too late.

Hoot was in pieces around our room but we kept trying.
Finally we decided we would never figure out how to fix him.

Hoot gathered dust behind our closet door. We put him out of sight so we would not be reminded that he was broken.

The resolution:
So for Christmas, Ryan planned a great surprise.

Ryan took Hoot to an electrician to get fixed!
Ry did this without my knowledge, and even managed to sneak Hoot down to Arizona in the car.

It was one of the best presents anyone has ever given me. Ryan knew how much I loved the owl lamp and went to great extremes to have him fixed.

Although he has an ugly yellow cord now, and his lampshade is a little tilted, I'm just glad he's in working order.

"da Hootzkies" is back where he belongs!

10 January 2010

dead critters

So, the other day while I was at working at good old Victoria's Secret....

I helped a woman who came in with her husband. She went into the dressing room, and he waited outside. For some reason, this man just did not want to let me be. He wanted to entertain me and make me laugh for the 6 minutes his wife was in the dressing room.

I'm positive this man felt awkward and out of place in a store for women. He told me stories about his "buddies," wiped his brow and paced back and forth.

I attempted to ignore him as best I could, but it just didn't work. After many failed jokes, he almost gave up. But then a stroke of genius came over him... He said,

"You guys need ta get sum DEAD CRITTERS on yer walls 'cuz I got nowhere to look in here."

I busted up laughing hysterically.

He was very proud of himself for his joke and even repeated it to his wife when she got out of the dressing room. I swear it made his day that he finally got a laugh out of me.

Can you imagine Victoria's Secret looking like this....

Maybe we could hang some underwear from the antlers??

the Wii

Me&Ry got our very own Wii for Christmas!

Wii have had so much fun playing with it together (haha bad joke..)

The best part for us was making our "Mii's" or the avatars that we play with.

I truly feel like I captured the best of Ryan...

Especially the hair, eyebrows and the cute little smirk.

Can you see the resemblance?

He's just as cute as a Mii as he is in real life! :)

04 January 2010

happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to the BEST dad in the whole world!


03 January 2010

2009 in photos

Oh what a year 2009 was..
This year brought incredible blessings, laughs, and good times,
as well as a little stress and a few tears..
But me&Ry couldn't be happier about this great year we had!

Now, we will flashback to a favorite memory from each month..


We took advantage of our season passes at The Canyons.
Ryan is the best teacher!
He was so patient with me, and my skills really improved.
We made some great memories up there!


We spent our first Valentine's Day together.
(I'm not counting high school.. that's kind of embarrassing).
Ryan made me this "sick" puppy-gram.


I turned 20!
Ryan learned how much I love birthdays and made mine SO special!


We got engaged!
After quite a few years of being in love.. we decided to seal the deal..


This was a rough month.
Ryan recovered from major surgery on his jaw. [hence the swollen face :( ]
I stayed in Provo for the Spring semester while Ry healed in Arizona.
My man drove between Provo and Mesa 3 times [10 hours each way] to see me.
Now that's love!


My besties in Provo threw me an AMAZING bridal shower..
Definitely a highlight of the year!


We went with the Skousen family to Lake Powell.
My first time EVER! (Can you believe it?!)
We had so much fun!
I can't wait to go again as a married couple!


Probably my favorite month of '09.
Although it was blistering hot outside...

We were MARRIED on the first.

We honeymooned in Coronado California

Then we spent another week in Oceanside with the Skousens.
(Such a fun vacation! I can't wait to go back!)


Our tans began to wear off the second we drove into Provo...

We moved back to Provo together!
It has been so fun to decorate and furnish our little apartment.
Ry has proved to be quite a talented handyman.

We were able to enjoy college football season.. live!!


We watched the leaves change outside our window.

I also honed my baking skills.
I began a yearly tradition of making pumpkin cookies on Oct. 1 just like my mom.
Next year, I'm making half the batch!


We celebrated our first Thanksgiving together!
It was our first in Utah as well.
It was fun to host dinner at our little apartment,
and learn how to make all the goodies! :)


We had so much fun spending the Christmas season together!
The best part was being family, friends and everyone we love.

The end of 2009 is a little bittersweet for us.
We are sad to end a great year that has been filled with important events.
However, we can't wait to see what 2010 has to offer!