20 September 2011


A few weekends ago we supported Ryan's dad Mike as he rode in LOTOJA.

LOTOJA is a 206 mile cycling event that begins in LOgan, Utah and doesn't end until the riders get TO JAckson Hole, Wyoming. This was our second year as a SAG team and we absolutely loved it. 

Friday night we went up to Logan. We ate dinner at Firehouse Pizza and slept over at the famous Crystal Inn. The riders took off around 5:45 a.m. and we weren't too far behind them.

We left from Logan and drove through canyons and forest land until we got to Bear Lake. The sun was barely awake and the water was gorgeous.
Our first stop was Montpillier, Idaho.

After Montpillier we drove to Afton, Wyoming. This little town is famous for having the world's largest elk horn arch!

Our next stop was Alpine, Wyoming.
156 miles into the race and Mike was still smiling!

The final climb went through the amazingly picturesque Snake River Canyon. Talk about gorgeous! Pictures definitely don't portray the real beauty of this place. The entire crew from Arizona rode in blue. It was such a fun and inspiring sight to see them climbing the last 50 miles.

After an entire day of driving we finally made it to Jackson Hole.

We ate dinner underneath the magnificent Grand Tetons. The Mangy Moose has become our traditional dining spot two years in a row and it didn't disappoint. 

LOTOJA is such an inspiring thing to watch. We are so proud of Mike and everyone for the great job they did. Watching the riders definitely makes Me&Ry both want to race. 
We really can't wait until next year!

01 September 2011


September is here.

(photo taken September 2009)

Late last night when we said goodbye to August, the weatherman brought cooler weather. With the drop in temperature, I feel like fall is actually upon us. I am devastated to say goodbye to summer. I am already having separation anxiety. 

We have had the most unforgettable summer! We spent hours in the car between California, Lake Powell, Arizona and Park City. We didn't have jobs or much responsibility and our lazy days were spent outside laying by the pool and soaking up the sun.

This summer was perfect.

Now real life is here. Just as we have to say goodbye to summer, I am saying goodbye to my lazy college days and entering a new season in life. 

I got a job!

I started a little over two weeks ago at an advertising agency north of Salt Lake. Now I go to bed at a decent hour, wake up with the sun, commute over an hour each way and work from 9 to 5. What a change it has been! But a welcome one. I feel so lucky to be employed. I feel so lucky to be working in advertising and advancing my career. I love my new job. I work with the nicest people and I have already learned so much. Some days fly by and others seem to drag on forever. The best feeling in the world is coming home to Ryan every night! We eat dinner, watch our shows, and sleep like babies in our big fluffy bed. I appreciate every single second that is my own and I live for the weekend.

This fall is so different because for the first time I'm not going back to school. It feels great! There are so many things I miss about BYU but truthfully, I am happy to be done with homework, exams, sitting in class, etc. For now Ryan will be the student in our family and I'll be the workin' woman!

I have always loved the fresh start that fall brings. As the calendar changes, summer is over and all of a sudden we are entering a new phase. I'm bracing myself for cooler weather, non-stop college football, fall leaves and everything this new season will bring.