25 October 2011


To get in the spirit of Halloween we went to a very spooky pumpkin patch with some friends. The main attractions were a haunted house and haunted hay ride. Ryan has never enjoyed anything scary. Luckily he caught the spirit of Halloween and decided to join in on the fun! There was no way I was going without him. The haunted house was not only inside, but also in a forest and a corn maze. We felt a little chill in the air and held each other tight as we were scared left and right. The best part of the night happened when a monster with a chain saw started chasing us through the corn maze. Somehow Ryan was separated from the entire group. The chain saw man saw that he was alone and said, "hey, where do you think you're going tall guy?!" as he cornered him all alone. We all got a great laugh out of that one.

Me, Lindsay and Dani Bree.
Luckily Daron lent me his big puffy jacket. It is getting chilly!

Super cute boys! Brycen, Ry and Daron.

After some fun on the farm we headed back to Dani Bree and Daron's house. We warmed up with some hot chocolate and watched The Others... Let's just say I didn't sleep too well that night.
I guess that's what Halloween is all about!

09 October 2011

fall and visitors

Fall is here. We have said farewell to summer and there is beauty all around with this change of season. There is so much excitement in the air and the approaching holidays are on my mind. Me&Ry are looking forward to corn mazes, pumpkin patches, costumes and getting together with friends. There are no words to describe how incredibly beautiful the color-filled mountains are outside our window. It is a wonderful time to be alive.

Conference weekend was picture perfect. It was unseasonably warm and the most gorgeous shades of yellow and red began to appear in the trees. To make the weekend even better, Madison and Nate came for a visit! I am so lucky to have a very close cousin who is also one of my best friends.
We have so much fun with these two!

Friday when they got into town, Ryan and Nate headed straight out to the golf course. Mads and I sat on my bed just talking and catching up on everything. There is no shortage of conversation when we are together.

We had an amazing dinner at Sundance. We have been looking for an excuse to eat at The Foundry Grill and it did not disappoint. There is nothing better than a delicious dinner in a romantic setting with the best company. Dinner was followed by dessert at The Sweet Tooth Fairy. We welcome any excuse to indulge in their baked goodness.

We attended the Saturday morning session of General Conference. We felt such a sweet and strong spirit in the conference center. The best part was hearing that a second temple will be dedicated in Provo. We are so excited!

After Conference we drove up to Park City. Visiting PC is our absolute favorite thing about living in Utah. We rode the chair lift to admire the mountains and changing trees. We had dinner, dessert and a fun car ride home laughing and chatting the entire way.

Our first fall weekend was absolutely perfect. We had so much fun with Mads and Nate. We are looking forward to many more beautiful fall weekends to come and hoping for more visitors!