04 October 2012

a quick trip to Arizona

I went to Arizona over Labor Day weekend for an orthodontist appointment. My dad was out of town so it was just my mom and I at home for a short girls weekend. It was just what I needed! I absolutely love being with my mom. We always have so much fun together. She takes such good care of me and spoils me every time I'm home... I never want to leave!

We did some shopping {bridesmaid dress, beauty supply store, makeup} , ate at all my favorite places {Orgeano's, Rosa's, Johnny Rocket's}, colored and cut my hair, went to the movies and spent a lot of time chatting {and snuggling my puppy}. It was also great to see cousins and family I've been missing.

It was a perfect {quick} trip home!

{Diet Coke @ Oregano's}

{Mesa Froyo! A #1 tart raspberry}

{sitting @ Dr. Frost's office}

{I love having a mother who does hair!}

{Nothing better than a grilled cheese @ Johnny Rocket's}


  1. cute pictures! there's nothing better than visits home. your blog is so darling, i just stumbled upon it! i'm your newest follower..come follow along at XoXo

  2. YUMMY!! I miss Mesa Froyo so much!!!