30 September 2010

snippets from my diary

dear diary...

life is so good!

I am starting to get excited for Fall.
we have been sleeping with our windows open every night.
the mornings are so crisp and cool.
it's time to bring out the long sleeve shirts!

I really miss my family.
it has been way too long since I have seen them.
Kansas is feeling very far away.

living in Provo is so great.
we love being close to great friends.
they are truly our Utah family.

why are Me&Ry so busy?
school, work, school, work, and school-work consume our lives.
I miss being together all the time.

my houseplants are on the verge of death.
I thought I was watering them the perfect amount...
they get plenty of sun...
practice makes perfect I guess.

I absolutely LOVE advertising.
I feel so lucky to have found a major that I actually enjoy!

I have been slacking in the kitchen.
my most recent concoctions include mac & cheese 
and microwaveable meals.
see above "busy life" entry.
I plan to make up for it over conference weekend.

and why wasn't I born with a little latina in my blood?
I would look a lot less awkward trying to dance in Zumba class.
luckily I take a no shame policy at Zumba
and dance my little heart out anyway.

I wish my sewing machine was not collecting dust in storage.
I am dying for a project.
bedroom pillows, quilts, curtains, tablecloths.. 
..the possibilities are endless!

we are so blessed!

love, Shelb.

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